New training film from SIEGENIA

T30 Azubifilm Presseteaser
T30 Azubifilm Presseteaser

"My training at SIEGENIA GROUP" has been released

The SIEGENIA GROUP has released a new film for the start of the application phase for apprenticeships in 2020, which describes vocational training at the three German sites as well as giving an authentic insight into the corporate group. In cooperation with the company SIEGERSBUCH FILM from Wuppertal, human resources staff together with the trainees themselves, of course, have created a new promotional film that is characterised by being highly oriented towards the target group and younger generation.

The unusual format is compelling

"We have decided on a format that is rather different from usual in order to address the target group in an optimum way. Nonetheless, our products and the three sites in Germany continue to play a major part", said Sebastian Daub, Head of Technical Training. "We have risen to this exciting challenge and wish to thank our trainees who have contributed to the film“" said Nadine Rajabpour, who is responsible for trainees at the KFV subsidiary in Velbert and also made an active contribution to the new film. 

The film can be viewed on the website of the SIEGENIA GROUP in the "Career and Apprenticeship“ section, on social networks and on the YouTube video platform.