Magnetic door locks

Perfect blend of elegant appearance and maximum locking convenience.

In our innovative magnetic locks, the latch is triggered via special magnets in the frame part and the latch itself. When the door is open, the latch is in line with the lock face plate, and therefore virtually invisible. The latch only extends into the frame part and is secured in place by magnetic force when the door is fully closed. In addition to the implementation of highest design standards, this improves the locking convenience. The latch does not contact the frame profile, allowing a nearly silent and smooth locking process. And it is also particularly easy to clean.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance in the frame and easy to install – no flat striker required
  • Attractive design, even when open – no protruding corners or edges visible
  • Silent door locking via magnetic triggering of the latch
  • Wear-free – the latch does not strike the frame
  • Rotating backing in the striker plate enables contact pressure control
  • Magnetic slide in the backing allows for automatic adjustment for warped doors
  • Maintenance free and smooth-running – no lubrication necessary
  • With stainless steel face plate and striker plate for a high-quality appearance

The various models:

Lock models:
  • 116 PZW prepared for profile cylinder
  • 116 BB privacy lock without latch lever
  • 116 WC bathroom version
  • 116 F as latch lock (length 235 mm)
  • 416 as pure latch lock (length 170 mm)
  • 116 RZ prepared for Swiss round cylinder
Striker plate models: