Hardware lock

Motors for turn-and-tilt windows. The powerful locking system for motion chain drives.

The hardware lock allows fittings to be automatically opened, closed and simultaneously locked using a single motion chain drive. The hardware lock is especially interesting in narrow, high ventilation sashes that require a sealed closure in the hardware due to their sash size. The precision hardware connection guarantees both a tightly sealed closure and improved anti-intruder protection for the lock. The system also has a key advantage for wide window sashes: no second window drive is necessary. As a result, architects can budget a single drive for all requirements in future.

All benefits at a glance:

  • A single motion chain drive can open, close, lock and unlock windows
  • Customised for turn-and-tilt windows (not suitable for folding windows)
  • Can be used for offset surface timber, plastic and aluminium profile systems
  • Can be used for VCD and ACI motion chain drives