DRIVE axxent

Motors for tilt windows. The concealed motion chain drive for full flexibility.

The DRIVE axxent concealed motion chain drive is an ideal solution for applications that focus on convenience and design. Its unobtrusive console technology and its cover screens, which provide the window rebate area with a clean look, give architects and planners greater freedom when designing facades. The DRIVE axxent is suitable for timber and aluminium window sashes and elegant tilting window and skylight solutions. Depending on the intended use, different chain lengths and strengths can be selected. The motorised drive package impresses with its great flexibility. It can tilt different window systems at the push of a button.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for different window types: from turn windows to skylights
  • Slim look and compact dimensions – can be installed anywhere, requires little space in the profile system
  • Compact design which matches every style of architecture
  • Control options via push-button or radio control
  • Simple integration in building control technology, such as weather sensors or a smoke/heat extraction system
  • A large number of mounting brackets ensure easy and flexible installation