Safety Extraction Switch

The DIBt approved single safety extraction switch.

Fireplaces which are dependent on ambient air can quickly become a real safety hazard as a result of extraction air units, due to poisonous flue gases being drawn into the room. Therefore, fireplaces may only be operated with fume extraction hoods and other extraction equipment, if the appropriate pressure balance can be ensured – or alternatively if simultaneous operation can thus be prevented. Our Safety Extraction Switch offers a simple yet safe solution to this problem. Wired with the special magnetic switch, AEROCONTROL, it records the status of the window and only switches on the extraction hood if the connected window is tilted or opened. This total system for fume extraction hoods is the first one on the market to be approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) as a complete product set.

All the Benefits at a Glance

  • Simultaneous operation of open fireplace and fume extraction hood
  • DIBt approval for the combined total package, consisting of safety extraction switch and concealed, special AEROCONTROL magnetic switch
  • Components fully concealed on the window prescribed by law in accordance with FeuVO § 4
  • Meets the requirements of the Building Rules List and chimney sweeping associations

Installation Benefits

  • Simple, flexible connection to the magnetic switch via 6 m cable length
  • Safety bracket for plug
  • Suitable for retro-fitting