The integrated opening and locking monitoring system for more security and energy savings.

Windows inadvertently left open or tilted are a constant source of danger, an avoidable “open invitation to break in”. AEROCONTROL keeps you secure by keeping intruders out. A special magnetic switch monitors whether the windows are open and reports that status to the central remote monitoring unit. The mechanical security provided by the fitting is supplemented by electronic anti-intruder protection. But AEROCONTROL has more tricks up its sleeve: when the window is open, the radiator valves can be closed automatically for convenient energy savings.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Full flexibility: suitable for all window materials, all SIEGENIA hardware systems and a wide range of window formats
  • Easy integration into existing alarm and monitoring systems, as well as into exhaust hood controls
  • Can be connected with standard BUS and alarm systems used in building technology
  • Great functional and operational reliability
  • Depending on the equipment, offers high sabotage resistance up to VdS protection class C
  • The surface-mounted, profile-independent magnetic switch makes retrofitting easy
  • Recognised system recommended by the Criminal Investigation Department
  • Complies with the German ordinance for heat-producing appliances (Feuerstättenverordnung) with its DIBt-approved safety exhaust air switch