Ventilation technology

Clean air. Straight to your home.

Only controlled ventilation can create a healthy overall indoor environment; one which combines home comfort, building protection and energy efficiency. Due to increasingly air-tight building shells, this calls a controlled exchange of air, automatically adjusted to the user’s needs. Our innovative window and wall-mounted ventilators supply fresh air both conveniently and efficiently. Our ventilators also recover valuable heat and protect against pollen, noise, mould and humidity. Other indoor air pollutants can be detected and regulated automatically by connecting intelligent air quality sensors.

Window ventilators

Our modular, versatile range of innovative ventilation systems for installation in or near windows: for precise and flexible implementation, even of unusual projects.

Wall-mounted ventilators

Particularly for renovation projects, there are many reasons to choose powerful wall-mounted ventilators, which can also be flexibly integrated in building planning retrospectively and perform many additional functions.


Intelligent air quality sensors detect indoor air pollutants at an early stage and activate window or wall-mounted ventilators automatically as required.