Automatically better and healthier ventilation

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The perfect indoor environment all the time: with efficient wall-mounted vent units.

How well you ventilate dictates how well you live. Fresh air is our most important sustenance and is essential for our health. You should properly ventilate enclosed spaces several times a day to keep the indoor environment free from pollutants. For example, by vigorous purge ventilation for around 5–15 minutes.

Maintaining a supply of fresh air is considerably easier with SIEGENIA window, facade or wall-mounted vent units that automatically provide a healthier indoor environment while the windows are closed. In particular, our powerful and retrofittable wall-mounted ventilation units ensure that everything that can pollute your indoor air is kept outside or continuously expelled to the outside.


The following are automatically kept outside:

Lueftung Wandluefter Kaelte


Lueftung Wandluefter Feinstaub

fine dust and
car exhaust fumes

Lueftung Wandluefter Pollen


Lueftung Wandluefter Laerm


The following are expelled outside:

Lueftung Wandluefter Viren

bacteria and

Lueftung Wandluefter Co2


Lueftung Wandluefter Raumluftbelastung

indoor air

Lueftung Wandluefter Feuchtigkeit


Ventilate better: with heat recovery

Simply leave the cold outside. And the warmth from your heating remains in the house.

Even when it is cold outside, you can enjoy your fresh air indoors in the cosy warmth. Because the energy of the spent exhaust air is transferred to the cold supply air flowing into the room by the SIEGENIA wall-mounted vent unit with heat recovery, thus preheating the incoming air to an agreeable temperature. You will therefore recover up to 90 % of your heat in winter and easily master the balancing act between healthy fresh air and healthy energy efficiency. The oxygen content remains high – your energy costs drop. A worthwhile exchange!

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Ventilate better: with filter technology

Protection against pollen and invisible pollutants.

Whether on a street with busy traffic, in an urban area or during the pollen season: it is often easier said than done to bring healthy and unpolluted air into your home. To keep this air as fresh as possible and free from irritants, invisible nitrogen oxides from car exhaust fumes as well as fine dust and pollen must be kept outside. SIEGENIA wall-mounted ventilation units are able to thoroughly separate the wheat from the chaff using intelligent filter technology to achieve this purpose thus sustainably improving the quality of your supply air.

Lueftung Wandluefter Filtertechnik

Ventilate better: with sound insulation

Simply make the fresh air supply quieter: with effective sound insulation.

With SIEGENIA you can enjoy your fresh air not only well filtered, but also in peace. This ensures relaxed living or undisturbed working together with deeper and healthier sleep, not only in urban locations. The windows simply remain closed and the street, rail or air traffic is kept outside by effective sound absorption.

Effective sound insulation reduces the daily noise pollution by up to 58 dB to a harmless level. This is essential for sleep as our body is particularly sensitive to noises while we are asleep and produces stress hormones.

Lueftung Wandluefter Schallschutz

Ventilate better: with humidity control

The right humidity all the time for protection against mould.

In a four-person household, every day up to 10l of water vapour are generated – and consequently a considerable excess of moisture, which has to be transported outside every day. Dangerous mould can form if your air is too moist, triggering headaches, allergies and illnesses. However, if your air is too dry, this will burden your respiratory system. A relative air humidity of a healthy 40–60 % will automatically contribute to protection against viruses, bacteria and germs.

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Our AEROVITAL ambience smart high-end ventilation unit with intelligent humidity control will automatically find the "golden mean" of air humidity. This wall-mounted vent unit measures the indoor and outdoor air humidity in order to accurately determine the best time to ventilate. Spent or bad air is also automatically detected and the air exchange adapted accordingly.


Better ventilation: with air quality sensors

Automatically increases your sense of well-being and improves your concentration.

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Air is our most important sustenance, which has a decisive impact on our well-being, our health and our productivity. Not only do we inhale around 10,000–15,000 litres of air every day, we also exhale up to 20 litres of carbon dioxide (CO₂) every hour. There are frequently additional pollutants in indoor air such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are not only emitted during exhalation or perspiration, but also from furniture, tobacco smoke or cleaning agents.

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Out intelligent wall-mounted ventilators with integrated CO₂-regulation automatically detect stale air and adapt the air exchange rate accordingly via the automatic mode. The air quality sensors in the AEROVITAL ambience smart high-end ventilation unit with VOC-/CO₂-control also react to other indoor air pollutants.

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