The living of tomorrow: without bounds.

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Whoever wants to design the future of living needs foresight. For solutions which incorporate people and their different requirements from the start. Only then can spaces really be universally experienced. We develop technology for windows and doors which enable more comfort and quality of life to meet this purpose. Intuitive and safe and easy to operate, conceived for all generations:  
360° room comfort


Solutions for rooms with a future:

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The new TITAN opening restrictor. 
Open for the safety of children

The turn-opening of windows is easy and effortless – even in the hands of children. But not every window should be able to be opened without restriction. This is why SIEGENIA has developed two special restrictors, which restrict the turn-opening to maximum 89 mm. Decoupling based on demand is quickly possible in the comfort version without any problems. Moreover, a version in accordance with EN 13126-5 is available for cases with special requirements regarding child safety.

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TITAN comfort stay.
Tilt comfort instead of force

Large windows provide a special feeling of living. But they also require the use of more force when tilting them – especially with low positioned handles, which are designed to be well within reach of everyone. With the TITAN comfort stay we have made an extreme reduction of the force required and made the tilting more convenient and safer. Hence, a hard stop and teetering of the window during opening are prevented. And tilt-closing is effortlessly easy thanks to the power storage spring.

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PORTAL HS with ECO PASS SKY axxent threshold.
For boundless freedom of movement

Whoever builds barrier-free systems demonstrates foresight and creates spaces in which everyone experiences comfort. We have developed an absolutely floor-level threshold for lift-slide systems to meet this purpose. The complete solution combines flowing transitions with a perfect sill installation. The height of the threshold, including the running rails, is 0 mm without any incline. Moreover, SIEGENIA offers even more comfort and convenience: with an optional drive, the sliding door can be opened via an app.

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SIEGENIA Comfort app.
Living as you wish

Direct operations in your own life and design an individual home: the SIEGENIA Comfort app offers this freedom. The opportunity to conveniently control windows and doors with a tap of your finger. The security of having your home under supervision when you are out and about. Or the certainty that you will breathe healthy air all the time. This is how technology that makes life easier is demonstrated.

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versatile and space-saving in use.

As a sliding window or sliding door, it creates more interior space. Whether it is used in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Whether it is used in hotels, offices or schools. The PORTAL ECO SLIDE CO brings more freedom of design into residential and commercial buildings and adapts perfectly to every space.

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