TITAN AF timber

The modern hardware system: more room comfort for your customers, more efficiency for your production

Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Holz Titan Af Head1
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Holz Titan Af Head3
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Holz Titan Af Head2

Whether from the architect's design perspective or from a safety, energy and functional point of view, in any dimension, TITAN is an example of what we understand room comfort to be. In terms of fabrication, assembly and logistics, TITAN also opens up many opportunities to save time and cut costs in the production process.


The benefits of TITAN AF

  • Flexible integration into existing production processes
  • Reduced installation time thanks to numerous product improvements
  • Sophisticated logistics to increase efficiency and profitability
  • High-quality materials, efficient workability and high functionality
  • Window elements available up to resistance class 3
  • Individual opportunities of design for perceptibly high room comfort