The app-based solution for smart control of windows, doors and ventilators.

Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Head

The universal remote control with numerous additional functions for all SIEGENIA smart systems.

The SIEGENIA Comfort app allows you to operate all SIEGENIA "smart" products remarkably conveniently and intuitively via smartphone or tablet. A wireless or infrared remote control is no longer needed. On the contrary, the app elevates the ease of use to an entirely new level with numerous additional functions: from smart automatic and timer functions to individual adjustment options and extending to the easy coupling of drives, ventilators and sensors for a perfectly automated indoor environment. And thanks to feedback on the device and command status, you can keep everything under control.

Smart motors for sliding doors.

  • DRIVE axxent HSA smart
  • MHS400 smart
  • MSA400 smart
Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Smarte Motorik Schiebetueren

Smart motors for entrance doors.

  • A-opener
Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Smarte Motorik Eingangstueren

Smart motors for windows.

  • DRIVE axxent DK
  • DRIVE axxent
Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Smarte Motorik Fenster

Smart ventilation and sensors.

  • AEROPAC smart
  • AEROVITAL ambience smart
  • senso secure
Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Smarte Lueftung Und Sensorik

Extremely easy commissioning.

The WLAN module is integrated as standard in SIEGENIA "smart" devices. For control via the app, only integration into the existing WLAN network is required. This functions as quickly and easily as with a smartphone. If no home

network is available, the "smart" device can also be directly connected to the smartphone or tablet. In this stand-alone operation it provides its own  WLAN network like a WLAN router. In SIEGENIA systems with external "smart modules" the only additional requirement is their mounting on the device.

Product benefits
  • Convenient operation of all SIEGENIA "smart" devices over WLAN via smartphone or tablet with wide ranging additional functions
  • Simple coupling for a healthy, automated indoor environment: link "smart" sensors, ventilators and window drives together
  • Free app solution from iOS 8.0 and Android 5.0
  • No need for an additional remote control
  • Optimal control due to feedback of the device and command status
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Development of attractive target groups and targeted customer loyalty
Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Tabs
  • Quick and flexible commissioning of "smart" devices on site – possible at any time
  • Simple integration into home network or direct connection to the WLAN module in stand-alone mode – for example on building sites
  • Supporting installation assistant in the app
Komfortsysteme Apps Siegenia Comfort App Tabs

smart module

The clever upgrade to smart control.

Even for SIEGENIA products in which the WLAN module is not yet integrated as standard, there is a fast solution for control via app: a "smart module", which is mounted to the device with a simple plug connection. Thus the control works via the SIEGENIA Comfort app as usual both in stand-alone mode and when integrated in a WLAN network.


Smart module universal – WLAN module
Workbench film
Smart comfort with the SIEGENIA Comfort app
Roomcomfort film