Central locking gear for aluminium windows

With a simple security upgrade, all ALU hardware systems easily fulfil the prerequisites for burglar resistance up to resistance class RC3 or SKG***. Hence you will be ideally placed for the protection of buildings with special security requirements and benefit from the greatly reduced number of components to be ordered thanks to the clever ALU modular system. Consistent intruder resistance is so quick and efficient.

Secure and efficient all round with the ALU modular system.

The central locking gear is an integral part of our modular system. In this way you can easily order all necessary locking side components as one complete set for turn, turn and tilt or tilt-before-turn sashes and add to it with central locking gears depending on the window format. For turn and tilt or tilt-before-turn windows, a mishandling device is included in the components – either in the handle area or on the corner drive.

Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zentralverschluss Rc1



Safety class 1 - RC1

Basic protection against break in attempts with physical violence and vandalism.

Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zentralverschluss Rc2



Safety class 2 - RC2

Additional protection against simple tools like screwdrivers; recommended as minimum protection.

Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zentralverschluss Rc3



Safety class 3 - RC3

Additional protection against heavy tools like jemmies.

  • A high degree of basic security even in the standard version
  • Simple upgrade to certified resistance class RC3 or SKG***:
  • Locking cam with eccentric rivet for pressure adjustment and basic security
  • RC intruder resistance due to the use of screw-fixed E frame strikers (mushroom-shaped) with undercut and E locking parts in the sash
  • More efficiency due to fewer components
  • Very simple positioning and fixing of the strikers with the aid of the positioning jig
  • Optional sash lifter ensures sustainable and more effective ease of use

The efficiency lies in the details: the ALU routed-in drive gearing.

  • Compatible with the ALU GLOBE RR handle, the TITAN handle and all commercially available handles with a 7-mm square
  • Elegant, modern design thanks to a gear that is invisible from the outside – optimally used in connection with the ALU GLOBE RR clip-on handle with ring rosette
  • Extended design and colour options
  • Functionally reliable and smooth operation
  • Quick and easy assembly: Simple punching process instead of time-consuming drilling and milling
  • Optional integrated mishandling device
  • Locking function for the centre lock
  • For RC intruder resistance, anti-drill guard available in optional packaging unit
  • Ideal for sash profiles with narrow sash face profiles
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zentralverschluss Einsteckgetriebe