Magnetic locks

for timber doors.

Tuersysteme Kfv Schloesser Magnetschloesser Head

Streamlined appearance without edges and corners and with whisper-quiet locking comfort.

The magnetic latch is mounted flush in the gear box in our innovative magnetic locks. The latch only extends into the frame part and is secured in place by magnetic force when the door is fully closed. In this way it does not knock against the door frame and ensures whisper-quiet and enhanced locking comfort as well as perfect design. The durable system is maintenance-free and remarkably wear-resistant.

Tuersysteme Kfv Schloesser Magnetschloesser Magnetschloss111
Tuersysteme Kfv Schloesser Magnetschloesser Magnetschloss116

Magnetic lock 111 for rebated room doors

  • Optimally retrofittable: lock design in accordance with DIN 18251-1
  •  Continuous faceplate with a third fastening hole between the latch and the deadbolt
  • Fixing points for a solid hold between the PVC backing and striker plate
  • Compression lobes in the striker plate enable contact pressure control
  •  No readjustment of the machines because of DIN compliance
  • Lock types: BB, WC or latch lock

Magnetic lock 116 for flush-closing doors

  • Can be used in interior and exterior doors
  • Flanged strikers are not required
  • Rotating backing in the striker plate enables contact pressure control
  • Magnetic slide in the backing allows for automatic adjustment for warped doors
  • Lock types: PZW, BB, WC, prepared for Swiss round cylinder or pure latch lock
Tuersysteme Kfv Schloesser Magnetschloesser

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Flush, high-quality appearance
  • Stainless steel faceplate and striker plate
  • Pleasantly quiet and wear-resistant: no knocking of latch against the door frame
  • Easy locking procedure: latch closes automatically due to modern neodymium magnetic technology
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Maintenance-free: no lubrication necessary