PORTAL HS 400 kg

With opening widths of up to 12 m and total widths of up to 19.8 m, lift-slide systems with PORTAL HS hardware create the space for brighter and more beautiful living. With HS 400 compact bogie wheels, state-of-the-art gear technology and many other innovations, you can set 300–400 kg in motion with ease. Walls and barriers are "dissolved into thin air" and you will benefit from time savings and cost reductions throughout the entire production process.

ECO PASS threshold

Energy efficiency and barrier-free systems as if from a single mould.

The unique ECO PASS threshold for our PORTAL lift and slide elements perfectly combines accessibility and high energy efficiency in a flexible and easy-to-install way. Furthermore, the ECO PASS threshold is available in different versions: in the level axxent variant with 0-mm running rail, with 5 mm running rail and level threshold with 5-mm running rail and inclined step plate. The first-class thermal insulation and special stability of the single-part solution is achieved by the innovative 10-chamber profile. Moreover, all ECO PASS thresholds are marked out by their high compression. High-quality connection solutions guarantee that the sill installation is standard-compliant.

Komfortsysteme Schiebetueren Hebe-schiebe Bodenschwellen

ECO PASS axxent: the barrier-free 0-mm threshold.

Schiebetueren Design Ecopass-sky-axxent-interieur
Schiebetueren Barrierefreiheit Null-barriere-schwelle
  • For lift-slide systems made of timber-aluminium
  • 0-mm barrier-free system without inclines in accordance with DIN 18040-2
  • Optimum thermal insulation due to 10-chamber design
  • Perfect sill installation and optimum drainage system
Threshold ECO PASS SKY axxent
Product film

ECO PASS barrier-free 5-mm threshold.

Komfortsysteme Schiebetueren Hebe-schiebe Eco-pass-niveaugleich
  • For lift-slide systems made of timber-aluminium, timber and PVC
  • 5-mm running rail and barrier-free threshold without inclines for a barrier-free system in accordance with DIN 18040-2
  • Optimum thermal insulation due to 10-chamber profile
  • Excellent watertightness thanks to drainage over two levels
  • One-piece design
ECO PASS barrier-free 5-mm threshold
Product film

ECO PASS 5-mm running rail.

Komfort Barrierefreie-schiebetueren Bodenschwelle
  • For lift-slide systems made of timber-aluminium, timber and PVC
  • Practically barrier-free passage thanks to step plates and a 5-mm running rail for a barrier-free system in accordance with DIN 18040-2
  • 10-chamber design allows optimum thermal insulation

ECO PASS SKY threshold

Seamless transition of the fixed glazing in the floor: the SKY effect.

In order that you can live in a light and boundless environment, the ECO PASS SKY threshold for timber-aluminium lift-slide systems allows a seamless transition of the fixed glazing elements into the floor. In conjunction with lean sash profiles, you will achieve a sliding door design that eliminates the boundary between inside and outside and will optically enlarge your living space.

Schiebetueren Design Ecopass-sky-axxent-festverglasung

In the ECO PASS SKY axxent variant, the design of the threshold can be flexibly adapted to the floor or frame material. For a drainage gutter in front of the fixed glazing, a grille design that is identical to that in the threshold area is possible.

ECO PASS sill installation

Certified complete solutions for ECO PASS thresholds.
High-quality connection solutions for our complete ECO PASS threshold range. They are carefully coordinated, can be fabricated flexibly and in a time-saving manner, and are also secure and standard-compliant.

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Order your lift-slide system as a zero-hassle package.

For customised fabrication processes, we will deliver your lift & slide complete package based on the ECO PASS threshold as a ready-to-assemble, hassle-free package with our COMFORT UNIT. That way all hardware components are already cut to the nearest millimetre and individually pre-drilled.

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PORTAL can do it: Discover the possibilities.

With PORTAL HS, you have a choice of gear, thus presenting your customers with more possibilities. In this way, manual ease of use can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements and the highest standards can be met. The selection begins with the type of lock: Either classical with two or more sturdy locking bolts, or innovative and flush with up to three hook bolts.

Gear with locking bolts: burglar resistance up to RC3 is possible.

Depending on the element, you can easily achieve burglar resistance up to RC2 with two or four sturdy locking bolts. Moreover, RC3-certified burglar resistance can be achieved with the provision of four locking bolts and three pairs of security interlocks on the DS28/48/28 sealing rail. Only PORTAL HS can offer you this.

Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Getriebe Riegelbolzen

Hook bolt gear: Tight and secure without compromising.

Up to three hook bolts, with integrated blocking function, ensure effective, first-class sealing and high burglar resistance up to RC2. Absolutely flush when open, they slide over closing rollers into the frame part gently and without wear and reduce the gear load. The night vent is standard and the concealed pressure adjustment is +/- 2 mm.

Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Getriebe

The most sophisticated options for comfort and security.

Even less operating force.

A preassembled, ready-to-install damper unit is available as a comfort gear for these two locking types. A special spring hidden in the comfort gear uses the weight of the sash to reduce the torque and lift the sash even more easily. The handle is prevented from snapping back in an uncontrolled manner when the sash is lowered into the locking position.

Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Tab Komfort Getriebe

The option for even more security.

Whether you choose the standard or comfort gear, with hook bolt or locking bolt: You can of course also obtain PORTAL HS gears from 200 kg with cylinder locks that meet the highest security requirements.

Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Tab Schliesszylinder

Without play and cracking noises.

The gear damper ensures a backlash-free connection between handle and gear, meaning that no cracking noises are generated or loss of stroke is incurred when operating heavy sashes. The damper is integrated in all PORTAL HS gears with a backset of 37.5 mm as standard.

Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Tab Getriebedaempfer


Quality that you grasp immediately.

  • Noiseless locking and unlocking free of play with lasting high functional security
  • Ergonomic and contemporary design
  • Free colour selection: white, cream, brown, middle bronze, silver, titan
  • matt light, F9 or black, can also be painted
  • Large choice of versions ranging to the design with cylinder
  • Perfectly coordinated with the hardware and the sash weight
  • Matching the handles from the turn and tilt range in terms of colour and design Programm
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Hebel

Bogie wheels

Permit even 400 kilogrammes to be effortlessly slid to and fro.

Even heavyweights can be operated as light as a feather when the sash load is evenly distributed on eight rollers. And the light incidence and energy efficiency increase when the bogie wheels are so low that the profiles become narrower. HS 400 compact bogie wheels therefore promote room comfort - and also your production.

  • Optimised, self-aligning load distribution onto 8 rollers for an effortless sliding motion and less wear
  • Higher light incidence and better U-values
  • Shortened assembly time by dispensing with a tandem solution for 300–400 kg
  • Opportunity for cost reductions and more stability at the bottom sash edge: Leaner profile sections with up to 12 mm less groove depth
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs 400kg Laufwagen

Sealing rails

Let neither heat nor burglars through.

With our PORTAL sealing rails for lift-slide systems you can increase the intruder resistance together with the compression and also provide effective protection against condensation, wind and driving rain.

Sealing rail DS28/48/28: more insulation and security with less expenditure

  • Optimised thermal separation through a multi-chamber sealing rail made of PVC
  • The best compression in combination with the HS 4.0 sealing system
  • With additional parts, suitable for burglar resistance RC2 or RC3
  • Invisible screwing and minimum width for leaner profiles: only 28 mm wide at the top
  • Fastest fabrication due to pre-drilled screw holes and a corner part between the horizontal and vertical sealing rail
  • Increased sash tolerance range
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Dichtschiene D 28-48-28

Sealing rail C28/48:
optimal horizontal insulation.

  • Optimised thermal separation through a multi-chamber sealing rail made of PVC
  • Can also be mounted horizontally to seal the top sash area
  • With additional parts suitable for burglar resistance RC2
  • Easy, invisible fixing due to existing screw holes
  • Sash tolerance range +-/- 3mm in both directions
  • Optionally available with additional sealing brush
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Dichtschiene C28 48

Sealing rail C:
Easily mounted, hard to crack.

  • Good compression and thermal separation thanks to a PVC profile with three chambers
  • Easy adjustment due to centre lock with compression adjustment
  • Large-scale seal compensates for manufacturing tolerances
  • For burglar resistance RC2 it can be combined with three security interlocks made of aluminium: Effective protection against prying your windows open
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Dichtschiene C


As safe and gentle as a modern kitchen drawer.

There is a safe solution for the simple operation of lift-slide systems: The innovative SOFT CLOSE function which can be invisibly integrated into the sash. The solution consisting of a guiding rail and a damper brakes the sash gently just before the end position and then pulls it shut automatically. This minimises any risk of injury in the case of improper operation and precludes any material damage.

Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Softclose 01
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Softclose 02

SOFT CLOSE guiding rail

  • Particularly smooth and gentle ease of use for a completely new sliding feeling thanks to the unique, integrated roller guide
  • Milled in flush for a perfect look
  • Also available in black for dark profiles
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs Softclose 03


  • Prevents damage and injury caused by improper operation
  • Simple and intuitive operation: Faulty switching is excluded
  • No annoying adjustment or readjustment: spring mounted, it automatically adapts to every sash position and compensates for tolerances
  • Maintenance-free thanks to oil-lubricated gas pressure spring
  • Perfect design: Fully concealed solution
  • Also available in black for dark profiles

SOFT CLOSE compact, SOFT STOP compact

New generation for lean profile systems.

A further SOFT CLOSE generation is available alongside the tried-and-tested version. A distinction is made between a SOFT CLOSE compact and a SOFT STOP compact, which, separated from or in combination with each other, facilitate operation. While the SOFT CLOSE function brakes the sash during closing and automatically draws it into the locking position, the sash stops just before the locking position with the SOFT STOP function. The braking path of the sash is dependent on the sash weight and the operating speed. In the final centimetres, the sash can be slid into the closed position and locked. This manual action over the final centimetres also enables opening without requiring additional force to activate the damper. Both solutions with their low space requirement have been specially developed for lean profile systems and can be integrated into PVC and aluminium systems without the need for milling. This means that the stability of the profiles also remains unaffected.

Stop buffer

New stop buffer: elegant, discreet, easy to clean.

  • Virtually invisible because it is directly integrated in the guiding rail
  • Elegant, discreet appearance
  • Easy cleaning of the elements in the bottom profile area
  • Suitable for all SC guiding rails of the PORTAL HS
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs200 300 400 Anschlagpuffer 680x500


SOFT CLOSE works so easily
Product film
When moving large objects is child’s play
Room comfort film