Our values and management guidelines

We not only stand for systems that bring spaces to life and make our customers successful. We also stand up for values that shape and improve our daily dealings with and commitment to one another. In this way, in a lively corporate culture, every SIEGENIA employee can freely develop their strengths and contribute in a targeted manner. We benefit from this, but of course you do too!

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We say what we think and do what we say!

Management guideline:

  1. We coordinate goals and strategies across departments and make them measurable with KPIs!
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We constructively question the proven, we are “curious” and think outside the box, we study and try things!

Management guideline:

  1. We promote and demand innovative ideas and solutions!
  2. We also leave room for experiments, from which we can learn together!
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We do things as simply as possible, we therefore avoid duplicating work!

Management guideline:

  1. We focus on a solution-oriented approach!
  2. We think and act in customer and profit-oriented processes!
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We are not discouraged by setbacks, we think and act in a way oriented towards long-term success!

Management guideline:

  1. We prioritise taking into account the available resources! We uphold these priorities consistently!
  2. We invest in a sustainable development of the abilities and implementation strength of our employees!
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We get a picture on the spot, understand the problem and the cause and take measures that permanently eliminate the cause!

Management guideline:

  1. We speak to each other directly and appreciate the person and the work of others!
  2. We rely on the skills and implementation strength of our employees!
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We act with foresight and shape the long-term effects of our actions with future generations in mind!

Management guidelines:

  1. We work in a way that conserves the environment and resources and is economically and socially sustainable!
  2. We observe and act in accordance with internationally applicable rules and standards and demand the same from our business partners!