Full of energy: consume less, recover more.

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Because the best energy is the kind that isn't consumed in the first place, energy-efficient building and renovation is the name of the game. After all, the biggest potential for savings can be found at home. SIEGENIA develops intelligent mechanical solutions for tightly-sealed windows and doors, as well as ventilators that are highly efficient at recovering heat whilst exchanging air on demand. Because a comprehensive approach means thinking about sustainability and healthy living side by side: 
360° room comfort


Solutions for an energy-efficient home:

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State-of-the-art facade ventilation

There is a new addition to the AEROMAT VT family of facade ventilators. The plus in the name doesn't just refer to the exceptionally high and therefore eligible-for-funding heat recovery efficiency of up to 95%. The new device type also represents a plus for healthy living, the building fabric, your wallet and the environment. As with all variants of the AEROMAT VT system, it can be configured in a modular fashion and offers a wide range of equipment and installation options. This makes planning and integration into the architecture particularly easy. With its exceptionally easy installation, it demonstrates that SIEGENIA is continuing to refine room comfort in every dimension.

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the intelligent approach to ventilation

The AEROTUBE WRG wall-mounted ventilator truly lives up to its name. Thanks to smart sensors, it not only recognises when it's time to replace the air. The ventilator also boasts minimal energy consumption and maximum heat recovery of up to 90%. Automated, demand-based and monitored ventilation has never been so efficient: label A+. It is quick to install in the external wall, meaning that it can also be installed in occupied rooms without any problems. The option of integration into external thermal insulation composite systems goes to show that SIEGENIA offers a comprehensive definition of room comfort.

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Doors and windows:
more pressure, less heat loss

SIEGENIA creates doors and windows with an exceptionally tight seal. We develop high-quality mechanical hardware solutions that generate a high contact pressure when closed manually. This compression reduces energy consumption and energy costs. Our powerful motorised solutions for windows and doors combine a particularly tight seal, secure locking parts and intelligent comfort. Thresholds featuring state-of-the-art thermal insulation also prevent thermal bridges in sliding doors and help to make buildings airtight and energy-efficient. All of this shows that room comfort is the product of a number good solutions.

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Energy-efficient monitoring:
intelligent technology for better ventilation

Demand-driven ventilation without unnecessary heat loss. This is precisely where technology developed by SIEGENIA can help. Sensors analyse the indoor air quality and indicate the right time for window ventilation and the ideal duration. The AEROCONTROL magnetic switch makes it particularly energy-efficient. It notifies the central building control system of open windows and sliding doors and thus ensures that the radiators are automatically turned down. This is kind on the wallet, protects your health and the fabric of the building, and also demonstrates that we always look at room comfort from multiple angles.

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