Because health belongs in the comfort zone.

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When we talk about the quality of life in rooms, we think about healthy living in all directions. This is the only way that places for more peace and quiet, more light and more taking a deep breath can be created. To achieve this, careful solutions for healthy comfort and a natural environment of well-being that includes high air quality and high sound insulation are needed. As we spend 90 % of our time inside buildings, we are consistently setting new standards with regard to the topic of healthy living:
360° room comfort

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The new lift-slide system PORTAL HS slim. 
What does it mean to live at the threshold of nature

Rooms that extend into nature and let in a lot of daylight: this is how bright and open places with a sense of well-being are created. We have developed PORTAL HS slim to achieve this purpose, the solution for large lift-and-slide elements with especially slim profiles. Frame widths of only 58 mm enlarge the glazing area and set aside the boundary between inside and outside. Experience a contemporary design for healthy living.

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AEROVITAL ambience smart.
Healthy indoor air brings peace of mind

So that the indoor environment can become an environment of well-being, the AEROVITAL ambience smart ventilation unit combines state-of-the-art filter technology with clever air quality sensors. But it can only create places where you can breath deeply by keeping pollutants and pollen outside. It also provides healthy acoustics by protecting against noise pollution by means of high sound absorption. And on top of that, the wall- or ceiling-mountable ventilation unit automatically optimises the air humidity. Therefore, this brings peace of mind all round when it comes to the topic of healthy living.

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Quiet air supply that detects the healthy level

The right air humidity in the room is a genuine heath criterion. The AEROMAT flex HY passive vent is precisely specialised to provide this by detecting too much or too little humidity and then automatically regulating the air supply. This is of great importance for the health of people and the building structure. The ventilation unit also promotes healthy living with optional sound insulation modules. It makes optimal use of the existing building space and, when installed vertically, allows air exchange even when the roller shutters are closed.

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CheckAER air quality sensor.
This is how you can see healthy fresh air

The best time for ventilation and the optimum duration: you can keep an eye on both with the CheckAER. Beside human exhalation, the sensor also measures the TVOC concentration as a result of indoor air pollution and transmits an early recommendation to ventilate via the LED traffic light. You can therefore improve the air quality before it influences your concentration and well-being.

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