Accessories for aluminium windows.

For the wide range of demands in residential and commercial construction, the ALU modular system and its other accessories are set up as strategic and forward-looking. This enhances your freedom of design to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer wishes. Naturally, accessories can easily be integrated into the production and combined with each other.

Sash lifter

Practically offsets the gravity.

The sash lifter cushions the stop of the sash and lifts it a little while closing. In this way it allows wide window sashes, which tend to subside in the course of time, to still slide gently and safely into the frame, even after many years, for lasting high ease of use with maximum functional reliability. Three different versions are available.


  • Increases ease of use for aluminium sashes weighing up to 300 kg
  • Can also be used for double-sash elements and can be fitted to bottom-hung sashes
  • For left or right use and easy to retrofit
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zubehoer Sommer Fluegelheber

Opening restrictor

Open windows according to your needs

The new TITAN opening restrictor limits the turn-opening to maximum 89 mm. Decoupling based on demand is quickly possible in the comfort version without any problems. The safety version was developed in accordance with EN 13126-5 for special child-safety requirements.

Comfort variant

  • For cases without special safety requirements
  • Quick and easy decoupling of the restrictor by hand
  • The restrictor recouples automatically after the window sash has closed
  • Available for the frame materials aluminium, PVC and timber
Alu Oeffnungsbegrenzer Komfort Alu 5200

Safety variant

  • Fulfils the special child-safety requirement in accordance with EN 13126-5
  • Two restrictors per sash
  • Authorised persons can decouple the restrictor via lockable handle with tilt-before-turn function
  • Restrictors recouple automatically after the window has closed and the handle has been turned in the locking position
  • Available for the frame materials aluminium, PVC and timber
Alu Oeffnungsbegrenzer Sicherheit Alu Axxent


TITAN opening restrictor comfort variant
TITAN opening restrictor safety variant

Opening restrictor

Absorbs the force and gently cushions the sash.

  • The continuous action of the opening restrictor increases the ease of use and the operational reliability of the window
  • All components are manufactured from rustproof materials, ensuring a surface finish that lasts
  • To enable fast and easy assembly, the restrictors are clamped in the sash and frame groove
  • Maintenance-free
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zubehoer Oeffnungsbegrenzer

Turning lock

So that not everybody gets their turn: Lockable turning function.

In schools, senior citizens' homes and public buildings, it can be necessary for only a defined user group to be authorised to turn and open a window. All other persons should only have the possibility of tilt ventilation so as to inhibit a permanent source of danger. A turning lock provides this important additional function.

  • Option of surface-mounted and lockable or concealed with clamping function
  • The surface-mounted version: Screwed onto the sash rebate, activation and deactivation with key
  • Concealed version: Installed in the frame in tilt position of the sash, activation by clamping the component in the locking position, deactivation by release and sliding
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zubehoer Drehsperre

Summer-winter night vent

Safer ventilation thanks to controllable tilt opening width.

The energy saving stay lets you easily adjust the amount of incoming air to the respective outside temperature during ventilation. Thus, unpleasant draughts and energy costs can be reduced with one simple move of the hand.

  • Summer vent feature: Normal tilt position
  • Winter vent feature: approx. 40 mm tilt opening position
  • Activation in one easy step without any tools
  • Integrated anti-slam device
  • Easy to assemble and retrofit
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Fuer Aluminium Zubehoer Sommer Winter Spaltlueftung