CheckAER air quality sensor

The clever solution for monitoring the indoor air quality.

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Now you can see the quality of your indoor air with the naked eye.

With the CheckAER air quality sensor, you have an easy and effective solution at hand and will know at a glance when it is time to ventilate. The CheckAER measures human exhalation and volatile organic indoor air pollutants for precise determination of the air quality. Unpleasant odours are also taken into account. These volatile organic compounds (TVOC) can not only impair your performance, they can also harm your health. They arise both due to vapours from furniture, flooring, paint and other building products and due to pets, people, cleaning agents or tobacco smoke. With the CheckAER you can always keep an eye on the air quality.

Komfortsysteme Ueberwachung Checkaer Gut

Air quality: good

Komfortsysteme Ueberwachung Checkaer Maessig

Air quality: moderate

Komfortsysteme Ueberwachung Checkaer Schlecht

Air quality: bad

The multi-level LED traffic light gives the "green light" for a healthy indoor environment and gives an early recommendation to ventilate even when the air quality is moderate. In this way, you can improve the quality of the indoor air before the human body perceptibly reacts to it and before the ventilation traffic light jumps to "red" or even starts to flash red.

Air is quality of life: at home, in the office or in the classroom. With every breath you take.

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We spend the majority of our lives in closed rooms. This makes it even more important to keep our indoor air fresh and healthy all the time. Whether you are in your own four walls, at work or in school: well-controlled indoor air with a high oxygen content and as few pollutants as possible enhances both our well-being and our performance. The continual air exchange also contributes significantly to the protection against viruses, bacteria, germs or mould – especially in conjunction with the right relative humidity, which should be a healthy 40–60 % optimally.

Product benefits
  • Simple and reliable air quality monitoring
  • Multi-level coloured LED indicator as intuitive ventilation traffic light: quick distinction between good, moderate, bad or very bad air quality
  • The sensor detects and measures exhalation and volatile organic compounds (TVOC concentration): for example, due to vapours from furniture, paints, tobacco smoke and cleaning agents
  • Sensor sensitivity and brightness of the LED indicator is adjustable
  • Can be used as a table unit or on the wall
Komfortsysteme Ueberwachung Checkaer Sensor
Initial setup

Quick and easy setup

  • Air the room thoroughly for 10 min
  • Connect the cable with the power supply and plug into the socket
  • The CheckAER automatically starts a warmup for approx. 2 minutes: LED flashes green
  • The calibration starts automatically: LED lights up green

Precise calibration:

  • The sensor adapts to its environment due to the one-off calibration during commissioning
  • But the CheckAER already indicates the air quality during calibration
  • Increasing measuring accuracy for the unit location with continuous calibration duration
  • Completion of the entire calibration after 24 hours
Komfortsysteme Ueberwachung Checkaer Sensor
CheckAER air quality sensor
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