Fully concealed tilt sash locking drive for tilt-only and turn-and-tilt windows.

Komfortsysteme Motorik Fenster Drive Cl Head

The economic 2-in-1-allrounder for motorised tilting and locking.

The DRIVE CL offers an assembly-friendly as well as economic solution, which still fulfils maximum comfort and design requirement. For this purpose, the chain-locking drive is fully integrated in the frame profile and enables moving to a freely selectable opening width together with the automatic „tilt“, „lock“ and „release“. Even turn-opening continues to be possible with turn and tilt element to clean the window for example. Control is via push button, remote control or via the building control system. Operation via the SIEGENIA Comfort app is possible due to the optional WIFI module.

Product benefits
  • Motorised locking, release and tilt via press button
  • Optional WIFI module for operation via the SIEGENIA Comfort app
  • Freely definable opening width due to stop function
  • Perfect window design due to fully concealed technology
  • Auto-Lock function: if the window is pushed closed, this function locks it automatically, meaning that a handle can be dispensed with
  • suitable for integration into the building control technology
  • for PVC windows in standard sizes up to max. 80 kg sash weight, for timber and aluminium on request
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Installation benefits
  • No installation costs for a cable transfer or an additional locking drive
  • Auto-adjustment during the initial commissioning
  • can also be readjusted
  • Optional test unit for easy commissioning is available
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Technical specifications
  • Window material: PVC, timber and aluminium on request
  • Installation location: in the frame, on top, horizontal
  • Sash weight: max. 80 kg (observe corresponding application diagrams)
  • Supply voltage: 24 V, 1 A
  • Electronic safety cut-off
  • Duration of opening motion: max. 4.2 mm in a second
  • Closing speed: max. 4.2 mm in a second
  • Protection class IP40 (when installed in the profile)
  • Protection class IP20 (in dismounted condition with connected plug)
  • Tested with: 22 000 operating cycles (double stroke including locking)
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Even greater ease of use via an app: DRIVE CL smart.

In combination with optional WIFI module, the window drive can easily be operated with a smartphone or tablet via the SIEGENIA Comfort app.

  • Convenient control via smartphone or tablet with the SIEGENIA Comfort app
  • compatible with iOS 8.0, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Android 5.0
  • Optimum control thanks to feedback about the device status and command execution
  • Especially smooth-running in whisper mode
  • Direct operation via the WIFI module (stand-alone mode) or integration into the home network
  • No need for additional remote control
  • Easy, intuitive component commissioning by an installation wizard integrated in the app
  • Secure SSL encryption
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