The high-quality solution with especially slim profile widths.

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The lift-slide solution with vision.

With the new PORTAL HS slim SIEGENIA now offers a high-quality option in its lift-slide range. HS slim meets the contemporary architectural trend for rooms that extend to nature and let in a lot of natural daylight. For this purpose, the innovative solution for timber and timber-aluminium elements is convincing due to its all-round, narrow frame widths – even in the mid-section, this is only 60 mm. Moreover, with PORTAL HS, SIEGENIA has taken a holistic step further: just like the HS system for wider profiles, the new solution is convincing due to the superior compression values and optional burglar resistance up to RC2. The PORTAL also boasts clear strengths in terms of fabrication. Above all, delivery as a preassembled complete package makes the production of high-quality elements explicitly quick and easy.


60 mm – not only a measure, but a standard.

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High standard of design without high fabrication expenditure? SIEGENIA makes this possible. This is why the new PORTAL HS slim has been developed so that the slim frame profiles can be completely made of timber and do not need foreign material to stabilise them. This results in the unrivalled easy and efficient production of the elements. Fabricators of SIEGENIA HS timber 4.0 designs also benefit from the uncomplicated fabrication of the PORTAL HS slim because it is mostly based on the same components, thus allowing efficient processes and lean warehousing.


No compromises in terms of appearance.

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There are no compromises in terms of the appearance thanks to the well-conceived design of the hardware: it allows the complete and discreet integration of the components into the profiles. For example, the concealed stop buffer is virtually invisibly inserted into the guiding rail. This makes the PORTAL HS slim the ideal solution for high-end residential buildings or well-presented conference rooms in modern office buildings.


No compromises in terms of ease of use.

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The PORTAL HS slim does not only offer the familiar ease of use of the wide profile system in manual opening and closing, it also allows for combination with all motorised lift-slide drives from SIEGENIA. It also scores in terms of security: its optimum burglar resistance up to RC2 can be achieved with a running rail height of only 5 mm. The qualities of the elegant high-end solution are rounded off by the best compression values, for example its watertightness in accordance with class 9A.