PORTAL HS 150 kg

Our PORTAL lift-slide technology for timber, PVC and aluminium is so versatile and sophisticated that it pushes forward with regard to room comfort, with its wide range of innovations – of course it also comes with numerous options for saving time and reducing costs throughout the entire production process.

Sturdy and reliable.

  • Sturdy gear with locking bolt mechanism
  • Can be combined with two or more locking bolts according to requirements
  • Burglar resistance up to RC2
  • Is possible with cylinder lock
  • Also available in HS 200 (backset 27.5 mm) and HS 300 (37.5 mm) versions
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs150 Getriebe

Quality that you grasp immediately.

  • Noiseless locking and unlocking free of play with lasting high functional security
  • Ergonomic and contemporary design
  • Free choice of colours: white, cream, brown, medium bronze, silver, titan matt light, F9 or black, can also be painted
  • Large choice of versions ranging to the design with cylinder
  • Perfectly coordinated with the hardware and the sash weight
  • Matching the handles from the turn and tilt range in terms of colour and design
Tuersysteme Schiebetueren Hebe Schiebe Portal Hs150 Hebel