Vent duct

Luefter Laibungskanal Head

Sound absorption an facade appearance

More sound absorption, more opportunities: Installation with the AERO vent duct EPP.

SIEGENIA offers the optimum solution for an undisturbed view of the facade and extremely high sound absorption of up to 72 dB: The new AERO EPP vent duct. This can be adapted, flexible and installation-friendly, to the building structures of new buildings or renovations, integrated in thermal insulation composite systems and combined with many AERO wall-mounted ventilators:

  • AEROTUBE WRG, AZ smart and DD versions
  • AEROVITAL ambience

The AERO vent duct EPP can be used both in and at the side of the window reveal, can be combined optimally with thermal insulation composite and easily positioned precisely. The possibility to trim the vent duct on site and to adapt the sound absorption pipe to the wall thickness also means that the vent duct can be flexibly and elegantly integrated into any outer facade.

Installation variants, AEROTUBE example

Vent duct EPP, type FL: Installation in the window reveal.

Luefter Laibungskanal Typ-fl

Vent duct EPP, type FL:
Installation at the side of the window reveal.

Luefter Laibungskanal Typ-sfl

All benefits

  • Undisturbed view of the facade and increased sound absorption (u to 72 dB)
  • Can be used in or at the side of the window reveal
  • Can be integrated in heat composite systems
  • Can be flexibly adjusted to the building structures on site and are easily installed precisely
  • Sound absorption pipe individually adaptable to wall thickness
  • Easy plastering thanks to plaster cover to protect the duct
  • Suitable for living rooms and bedrooms in new buildings and renovations: family homes,apartment buildings and office buildings

AERO Vent Duct EPP