Hinge side security devices

For aluminium, timber and PVC doors.

More burglar resistance on the hinge side for all-round secure doors.

Our KFV hinge side security devices offer the utmost effective and extremely easy-to-install solutions for optimising the burglar resistance of aluminium, timber and PVC doors. The meshing teeth of the two wedge locking elements eliminate potential points of attack by making it virtually impossible to prise the door open, even on the hinge side. These additional security devices can be adapted to the airgap of the respective profile system or milled.

The different versions:

  • 8040: Toothed wedge locking elements for milling
  • 8041: Toothed wedge locking elements adapted to your profile system
  • 8042: Toothed wedge locking elements with an adjustable stop element adapted to the profile system

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Efficient optimisation of burglar resistance
  • Fully concealed solution for a clear and contemporary door design
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