The hardware system for pre-weld manufacturing processes

In light of the increasing variety of window types and shapes, tailor-made solutions for optimising the production chain in the field of window construction are in greater demand than ever before. The TITAN iP is the first hardware system which allows assembly on frame and sash profiles before they are welded. Its freely scalable automation level is the key to greater economy in window manufacturing without high investment costs. TITAN iP’s functional versatility is another impressive feature: it is not only suitable for all frame materials, but also for a wide range of window and opening types. The hardware also features extremely convenient operation, durability and security.

All benefits at a glance

  • Assembly on finished sash profiles reduces cycle times up to 40%
  • Maximum length of components corresponds to euro pallet dimensions
  • High-quality materials, efficient workability and high functionality
  • Window elements available up to resistance class RC3
  • Simple assembly of hardware and window elements
  • Surface-mounted or concealed hinge sides
  • Numerous benefits make it an ideal choice for home owners, too
  • Custom designs are made possible thanks to a variety of products