The hardware system with conventional stop technology.

TITAN AF’s conventional stop technology is a logical extension of the TITAN family. Increased efficiency and optimised logistics, tangible technical benefits and an attractive design. In terms of security, the TITAN AF can be upgraded to resistance class RC3 in all allowed window sizes. Since no additional measuring and cutting is required for the resistance classes up to RC2, the manufacturing process is sped up considerably. TITAN AF is suitable for timber, timber-aluminium and plastic windows. Almost all opening types such as rectangular, arched head, rounded head, and angled head windows can be installed as single and double-sash windows.

All benefits at a glance

  • Conventional stops make it possible to use existing machine technology
  • Reduced stopping time thanks to a number of product improvements
  • Sophisticated logistics to increase efficiency and profitability
  • High-quality materials, efficient
  • workability and high functionality
  • Window elements available up to resistance class RC3
  • Simple assembly of hardware and window elements
  • Surface-mounted or concealed hinge sides
  • Numerous benefits make it an ideal choice for home owners, too
  • Custom designs are made possible thanks to a variety of products