AEROPLUS with heat recovery

The pro for indoor climate control and dehumidification.

This wall-mounted ventilator increases your quality of life and offers intelligent protection for people and buildings. Its automatic ventilation and humidity control adjusts itself to the temperature and humidity of the air in the room as needed. This allows the AEROPLUS to achieve an optimal, healthy living environment and continually prevents damage to the building structure and prohibits the growth of mould. The savings in heating costs due to heat recovery also make this solution efficient and economical.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Healthy living environment and building structure protection against damage caused by humidity
  • Automatic control of the room atmosphere, adjusted to the measured temperature and humidity of the air in the room
  • Filtered, pre-heated air supply
  • Automatic removal of stale and excessively humid air
  • Environmentally friendly heat recovery of up to 50 % without condensation
  • 12 volt low voltage for increased safety
  • With an optional electric pipe lock

Installation advantages:

  • Quick and clean installation in approximately 45 minutes
  • Surface-mounting and in-wall mounting possible