The intelligent air quality sensor with CO² and VOC control for activating window-mounted and wall-mounted ventilators.

The SENSOAIR gives you the green light for clean air and a healthy sense of well-being with full productivity. The intelligent air quality sensor registers many different types of pollution in the room air – before the human body can even react and the recommended values have been exceeded. By automatically activating wall-mounted or window-mounted ventilators as needed, the SENSOAIR combats CO², nicotine, smoke and unpleasant odours. For a quality of air that can be seen. The ventilation traffic lights integrated into the casing allow you to check the current air conditions in the room.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Recognises many different pollutants in the room air
  • For simple, convenient and need-based ventilation
  • Elegant design, trouble-free installation
  • Can be used anywhere with conventional wiring or via a wireless Z-Wave connection
  • SENSOAIR basic table unit
  • SENSOAIR plus for controlling ventilation devices and motorised drives
  • SENSOAIR smart for integration in the SIEGENIA Comfort app