Sash weights of up to 250 kg. The new sliding hardware with the special sealing system.

This brand-new development from the PORTAL product group combines the simple operation of Lift & Slide systems with the exceptional sealing capabilities of Tilt & Slide (PSK) systems. All this is made possible through its unique design, which combines an uninterrupted, all-round seal with special bogie wheels and innovative guiding and locking elements. A total of four of these elements guide the sash precisely into its final locked position. The force required to create the seal is transferred from the handle through the gear and finally to the two locking hooks. These locking hooks then generate the approximately 15 mm closing or opening movement of the sash while special PVC stops absorb the impact noise. The 16 mm gear fitting groove is identical to the standard groove used in tilt & turn windows so no modifications are necessary.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Uninterrupted all-round seal for exceptional sealing capabilities
  • Night vent as standard
  • Easy operation
  • Barrier-free solutions available
  • Narrow face widths available
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Low-maintenance