Three-latch lock

The AS 2750. For triple security.

Thanks to two additional spring-loaded, soft-lock latches housed in auxiliary lock cases, the AS 2750 three-latch lock always secures the door leaf in three places. Consequently, this multi-point lock permanently protects the door against warping, and offers a high basic level of security even when unlocked. Things get better still when it is locked with a key: its solid hook and latch lock combination coupled with a saw-proof deadbolt in the main lock make it extremely difficult for intruders to break in or prise open the door. The easily operated gear with powerful door tightening ensures an optimal seal as well as excellent heat and sound insulation with heavy push-pull pressure.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Three latches impede break-in attempts through the retracting movement of the latch
  • Double-acting hook and latch lock combination offers burglary protection up to class RC3
  • Three soft-lock latches protect the door against warping
  • Gear ratio designed for powerful door tightening
  • Optimal seal and heat and sound insulation
  • Suitable for apartment doors, residential front doors and the commercial sector

The options

Door security lock (T2):
  • Restrictors concealed in the rebate prevent damage to the element from door chains, which detract from the appearance.
  • The backset of the door restrictor is similar to the backset of the multi-point lock, which means that the turn button and handle are on a single optical axis.
Day latch (115A/115B):
  • An E3Q locking rail allows combination with the day latch.
  • The main and auxiliary latches are released by the mechanical arresting of the blocking levers on the three electric latch releases.