KFVkeyless App

The app-based solution for the smart administration of access rights for the KFVkeyless access control system.

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Simply the smartest solution for user and system administration.

The clever KFVkeyless app solution makes the secure administration of access rights for the Bluetooth access control system of the same name clear and easy. And the app is not only impressive due to its maximum user friendliness; as a result of its numerous additional functions, it opens up entirely new opportunities for individual settings and actions. Hence reliable access control virtually becomes child's play and modern room comfort becomes noticeable with the system administration.

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All the comfort functions at a glance.

  • Registration of up to 6 mobile phones with Bluetooth function
  • Storage of up to 18 personalised key codes
  • Temporarily disable or permanently delete users
  • Personalise user names
  • Customised setting of user ranges
  • Switch touch function on and off
  • Configure keypad lighting and tone signals
  • Change and add key codes for Bluetooth users
  • Access log of the 20 most recent accesses
  • Test function

KFVkeyless Bluetooth access control system

The clever solution for keyless ease of use.

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The KFVkeyless electronic access control system supports the mechanical intruder resistance for contactless release of entrance doors based on state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology or alternatively by means of code input on the keypad. The system is suitable for both GENIUS and for the AS 3500 or AS 3600 automatic multi-point locks with A-opener.

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