Safety for your children

Sie Titan Axxent 24+ Verdeckt Liegende Drehsperre
Sie Titan Axxent 24+ Verdeckt Liegende Drehsperre

Concealed turning lock – ideal for residential buildings and nurseries

This new solution can be proud of itself: The new concealed turning lock from SIEGENIA for turn-and-tilt and tilt-before-turn windows made of PVC, timber and timber-aluminium provides more safety thanks to the targeted deactivation of the turn opening. Falling out of windows must be prevented especially in buildings where children play, e.g. in residential buildings and nurseries. The new turning lock is the ideal solution. As the only solution of its kind, it scores highly due to its concealed appearance, thus appealing to design-conscious customers.

The effortless handling by simple operation provides room comfort. This is made possible by integration of the turning lock in the top corner drive. With possession of the necessary expertise, the new turning lock can be activated and deactivated via the tilt position completely without the use of tools. Tedious searching for the key is a thing of the past. The principle is as easy as it is effective: In the tilt position, an operating lever that cannot be reached by children can be activated by a turning movement, thus blocking the turning position. The window can still be tilted.

Relying on tried and tested installation technology

Additional benefits in production are provided by the innovative corner drive with integrated turning lock. Fabricators benefit from the time and cost-saving assembly, which is possible without changing the assembly technology. The new turning lock will be available from October onwards.