The sound-absorbing passive air ventilator with flow-rate control and wind pressure barrier.  

The AEROCUBE provides a pleasantly quiet supply of fresh air through the outer wall that can be regulated according to demand. The ventilator, which features an integrated G2 filter, is able to do this thanks to its ability to exploit the natural pressure differential. What's more, its clever add-on functions improve individual ventilation comfort.  

Specially designed air outlets on the side and top of the inner unit enable air distribution to be optimised. A regulating valve ensures that air distribution is adjusted continuously and conveniently. For protection against fluctuations in wind conditions, the unit features integrated wind pressure damping ensuring that draughts are nipped in the bud. A special sound absorption pipe which is flexible for adaptation to specific local conditions maximises sound absorption.

Easy installation

  • Drill a hole with a diameter of 15 cm in the outer wall
  • Fix pipe and weather grille in place
  • Can be combined with ducting systems (for example, for composite thermal insulation systems)
  • Installation of the inner cover

All the benefits at a glance

  • Fresh air supply through the outer wall when windows are closed
  • Filtering of the outside air by G2 filter
  • Variable flow rate limitation
  • Wind pressure barrier minimises draughts
  • High sound absorption thanks to special sound absorption pipe
  • Can also be used in bedrooms and children's rooms
  • Suitable for apartment buildings, family homes and office buildings (new build and renovation projects alike)